Emporium Spa

Located on Jl. Pelajar Pejuang, eastern Bandung area, is near Bandung Super Mall. The atmosphere of spacious lounge with wifi facilities become one of the services of Emporium SpaWith the concept of open air jacuzzi, we can enjoy a warm pool and cold pool that is wide enough.

Hot pool, cold pool, shower, simple fitness equipment, Food and beverage.

Massage ServiceShiatsu, Traditional, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone

About Rooms and Rates
  • Standard: smaller room insulated with top open, the door closed with draperies. Rp.135.000/session.
  • Deluxe, VIP (to be updated about the pricing info for this room type)
In addition to the above facilities, therapists will provide extra service for vitality therapy. And I believe you will enjoy this service. If you want service plus others, please negotiate ^. ^


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