Bandung Street Prostitution

Practice of prostitution in the streets is not new. This can be encountered in large cities. This time, the nightlife district will discuss prostitution street in Bandung.

The sex workers can be found in the surrounding streets and intersections Otista ABC, proceed to the intersection banceuy and braga street area, proceed to the lane beside the palace hotels, and discotheques around CP.

When to find 'honey'
Of course you will not find them in the daytime. The workers began to circulate in their respective positions when it is dark. At 9 to 12 nights.

Talking street prostitution, is difficult to determine the price. Your cleverness is required to negotiate. According to information in circulation, ranging from Rp. 150,000 to Rp. 300.000.

You have to negotiate alongside a road, and took him to the hotel. Well, you need to be careful with the situation around. When you bring into any hotel, you must find out, whether the hotel is safe, because the fear of investigation by the authorities.

Yup, use a condom. Play save dude.

The Route

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